2016 has only just begun but, we are already busy in the kitchen garden, preparing for spring. Beds need to be dug with compost, seeds need to be sown and a general after winter clean-up is necessary. Although we are in the depths of winter it doesn’t take long for the growing season to start and so it is important for us to make the most of this time. Rhubarb is coming into growth very early this year. We don’t need to force the young plants this year as tricking is not necessary with the warm weather we have been getting!  Every so often we lift and divide the rhubarb, not too often as our plants are particularly vigorous! It is always a treat to eat from the garden in the middle of winter, but something as tasty as early rhubarb is extra special, making it one of my favourite crops of the year.

Bart Howard,
Head Gardener at Castle Durrow