Breakfast is served in the Conservatory dining room until 11 in the morning, we hope that after a restful sleep and that with a little help from our extensive breakfast menu you will be ready to face the day.

We use only the finest produce, lots of it home made and offer a vast selection of cooked and healthy options available along with freshly squeezed juices.

The menu is a perfect fusion of cultures, where the traditional Irish Breakfast sits comfortably next to our Lavish Continental Buffet.

The jams are castle made and our yoghurts are a blend of fresh organic yoghurt and lots of our own fruits and hazelnuts from the orchard.

We make the sausages in the kitchens with our own seasonal blend of herbs.

The breads are made daily by our chefs.  Try the walnut bread, it is simply delicious!

Breakfast in bed is a luxury that we are very happy to indulge you in. A full menu is provided in each of the rooms.